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about us
( Foundation ) Fundacja MDLot ( Fundation Naval Air Squadron ) was founded in 2010 and registered in 2012. The Foundation is a non-governmental organization and was registered in the District Court in Gdansk, Economic Department KRS number 0000438246 on the privilege of doing business in the base business. The organization's mission is to improve the quality of life mainly inhabitants of Pomerania and
Kashubian Earth and the entire Polish nation by supporting the development of entrepreneurship and the development of regional infrastructure for innovation with the implementation of new technologies at the same time supporting modern knowledge-based economy both for the sake of the development of human capital, ensuring environmental protection. The Foundation maintains a database of national and international relations of strategic partners. We have experience in the development and implementation of projects. In 2008-2012, the Foundation
has three major projects with a total value of PLN 470 million, which as a
result of forced reorganization failed yet to be implemented. The Operational
Programmers Human Capital 2007-2013 Foundation has another two projects worth more than 158 million zł. The effects of the implementation of one of these long-term projects will be to work with a partner and investor in China in the provision and implementation of the project for disabled youth athletes with a focus on preparing for the Paralympics Games and professional sports people. We offer the following business plan: brokerage, consulting and services including trained nearly two thousand. people, training and support - consulting at least
a few hundred people on the assumption of their businesses, and provide
mediation in obtaining grants under the reimbursement of training costs in the
amount of 200 000. and almost a lot of free advice to start a business, SMBs
and ARP within the KSU PK. The Foundation also organizes training courses, forums, seminars and conferences addressed to representatives of local government, academic institutions, NGOs and businesses. An important segment of the actions undertaken by the Foundation are provided by its commercial services for businesses, local governments, local action groups, entrepreneurs, labor market institutions, as well as of scientific - research Pomerania. Such cooperation may include the development, including: grant applications, local development strategies, feasibility studies, business plans, recovery plans and objectives of the plans for heat, electricity and fuel gas. For many years, theFoundation seeks to MDLot and take action to promote the idea of using thepotential of renewable energy sources for the development of the local economy, and improve energy efficiency. The Foundation initiated co-operation partners in the National Eco-Energy Cluster, which is currently coordinated. MDLot Foundation engaged for many years in socially excluded or at risk of social exclusion and reserve soldiers and veterans. Thanks to the projects implemented by the Foundation of the social economy a network of Social Economy Support Centers located branches of the Foundation. The Foundation maintained for many years partnership relations with the Polish business environment institutions, universities, businesses, local governments and organizations and institutions working to strengthen civil society and building a sense of identity of the third sector. The Foundation works with local labor market institutions: including employment agencies and training institutions in Lublin province to support local initiatives aimed at enhancing human capital. These activities are aimed at improving professional skills, competencies and skills that contribute to the strengthening of the local labor market. The  Foundation was founded in 2006. The membership obligates her to be active in
the field of international development cooperation, promotion of democracy and humanitarian aid. In 2010, the Foundation joined the National Federation of NGOs, aimed at advocacy NGOs on issues common to all organizations. The Foundation is also a member of the Business Club. In collaboration with
entrepreneurs from the Pomeranian, the Foundation is actively involved in
initiating, developing and enhancing the relations of the business environment. As a member of the Kashubian Partnership for the Development of Social Economy it works with social enterprises in the
social economy. Membership in the National Rural Network and the Rural Forum gives the Foundation the opportunity to implement projects to improve the functioning of the Polish countryside. Since 2011, the Foundation is a member of Pomeranian Public Social Partnership. Confirmation of high standards of ongoing activities and services are owned by the Foundation certifications and accreditations from 2012, the Foundation is a certified member of the National System of Services for Small and Medium Enterprises to support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Poland. The Foundation provides to small and medium-sized enterprises advisory services, training, information, financial and pro-innovation. The Foundation has implemented a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2009 for the provision of advisory services
of general training and information. The Foundation is a registered entities
Employment Agency. On this basis it is authorized to provide services in the
following areas: career counseling, job placement in Poland and personal
counseling. The Foundation is a certified participant in the Program Reliable
Company conducted under the auspices of KRD - National Debt Register. Experience Foundation MDLot in the acquisition and use of funds from the European Union and innovative services have been recognized by various bodies. Leaders of Innovation and Development Foundation received the title of Regional Leader of Innovation and Development in 2011, and in the national edition of the Laureate. Achievement Foundation confirms the rankings of the largest companies in the Lublin region run by local and regional newspapers. Objectives and activities According to the statute, the purpose of the Foundation is to support and participate in the activities for the development of Pomerania and local initiatives in all areas of social life, in particular, such as the management of projects in industry, infrastructure development of the region, in the craft, trade, services and agriculture, with preference given to small and medium-sized, and especially family businesses, as well as care and social assistance, arts and culture to the promotion of human capital. With the funds originally derived from the national budget subsidies for regional development and EU grants and other foreign investors, the Foundation can achieve its statutory objectives, in particular by:
* providing financial assistance in the
form of loans and grants,
* carrying out paid and unpaidassistance,
* maintaining and supporting a variety of
educational activities,
* co-operation with domestic and foreign
* advising organizational, technical,
technological, financial and economic,
* organizational and financial support
for bodies to meet the needs of their public.
* Implementation of own and other partner
projects through funding and sponsorship in financial
On the 01.czerwca 2013 Wejherowo Pomorze ( ang. Coast ) were established close relationships with a partner with key representatives of the Euro-deputy deputy Sir Keith Taylor MEP ASP 8G103 Green Party Member for South East England EP Environment Committee shale gas specialist and msr. Gerard Gmoine Brittany Sud - East France specialist and geothermal
energy. The aim of the joint research, training and project green renewable
energy investment in the implementation of innovative use of new technologies
in the Energy Sector of environmental protection, the use of EU funds grant
programs Environmental Protection, Integrated Cohesion Policy - Polish Economic Development, Regional Development, Human Factors, Innovative Economy, Energy Smart growth and 2014-20.

History MDLot ( Morski Dywizjon Lotniczy ) or English Naval Air Squadron - was founded on the model and on the basis of the Deutsche Marines Luftwaffe in Putzig Pommern and the first sub-unit of the Naval Aviation of the Second Republic of free Poland. In July 1920 Puck was organized database of Naval Aviation. At the end of 1921 Base Naval Aviation and Maritime Pilots School were transformed into a unit bearing the name of the Aviation and Maritime Fleet commander surrendered.
In May 1922 Marine Aviation was subordinated to the commander of the 2n Regiment of detaching Aviation Squadron Aviation and Intelligence. In mid-1923 subdivision was renamed Naval Air Squadron, which in terms of personnel and provision of equipment subject to the
Head of Department IV Air Navigation Services of the Ministry of Military
Affairs, and in terms of tactical and training Fleet Commander. October 6, 1923 during a flight over the Bay of Puck hull of one of the test aircraft Newport Macchi M 9 broke in half and fell into the sea. As a result of the crash killed the crew: Capt. obs. Victor Karczewski and Ltn. Louis Patalas. December 9, 1932 the squadron was incorporated in the Navy. The organization and staffing of the squadron in September 1939.
* Commander - Commander Ltn. Edward
Szystowski (died 1 September)
* Deputy Commander - Lt. Cmdr. pil.
Kazimierz Szalewicz (from September 1, Squadron Leader)
* tactical officer - Capt. March. pil.
Alexander Krawczyk
* Officer - see March. obs. Zdzislaw
* Officer - see March. obs. Edmund
* Quartermaster - Cpt. hurry. Edmund
* Commander and Far Reconnaissance Squadron
- Cpt. March. pil. Roman Borowiec (up to 2 IX)
* Commander II Middle Reconnaissance
Squadron - Cpt. March. obs. Marian JANCZEWSKI
* pilot and tactical officer in the
Middle Reconnaissance Squadron II - see March. pil. Kazimierz Kraszewski
* commander of the Air Park - see March.
Bronislaw Stolarczyk
* Port Division Commander - Captain.
hurry. John Herbut-Hejbowicz And squadron was equipped with two planes Lublin R-VIIIter and one seaplane CANT Z.506B while the second squadron had 10 aircraft on the register of Lublin R-XIIIter and Lublin R-XIIIG. Combat operations in September 1939 campaign September 1st at approx. 6.00 twenty Heinkel He 111 aircraft bombed the squadron base in Puck destroying among other barracks and ammunition depot. The raid killed the commander Szystowski. September 2 crew seaplane CANT Z.506B composed of Cpt. March. pil. Roman Borowiec, boatswain moss. Grzesiak and boatswain X-ray. Pattern flew to the Lublin region with a stopover on the Vistula River near Kozienice. September 6 crew seaplane Lublin
R-XIII G 714 composed cf March. pil. Joseph Ruda and Ltn. obs. Zdzislaw
Juszczakiewicz done overnight flight to recognize the Gulf of Gdansk and the
navigation test flight to Sweden. September 7th at approx. 21.00 seaplane crew Lublin R-XIII G 714 composed cf March. pil. Joseph Ruda and Ltn. obs. Zdzislaw Juszczakiewicz started with the task of determining the location and the bombing of the battleship Schleswig-Holstein. Ship was not found. During the flight over Danzig Lieutenant Rudzki bombed and strafed Juszczakiewicz see machine guns, Germans celebrate winning the Military Transit Depot in
Westerplatte. The return flight was observed near Gdynia, another German battleship - Schlesien. After you finish the crew alighted in Jurata. September 8th German air raid destroyed all except seaplanes RWD-17. Staff Marine Aviation Squadron Squadron Commander:
* Cpt. March. pil. Wiktoryn Kaczynski
(VII 1920 - November 1922)
* Major service. Stanislaw Bielawski
(November 1922 - March 1923)
* Lt. Col. pil. Anthony Leonkow (III
1923 - III 1927)
* Capt. Ltn. Charles Trzasko-Durski (III
1927 - May 1933)
* Capt. Ltn. Edward Szystowski (May 1933
- 1 September 1939) Staffing Squadron in 1924 Lt. Col. Anthony Leonkow
(commander), Captain. Wladyslaw Ivanovo-Krawiec, Cpt. Vincent Braziewicz, Cpt. Anthony Romanowski, see Sergei Maciejewski, see Stanislaw Edward Szystowski, see Julian K. Rajs, see Mieczyslaw Wiland, see George Czechowicz, see George Bohuszewicz, see Stanislaw Godek, see Alfred Peszke, see Felix Louis Baczynski,
 Tadeusz Gronek, see Czeslaw Wajcht Contemporaneity In 2008, the National Court Register of the District Court in Gdańsk entered in a register entitled foundation. MDLot Foundation. (Naval Air Squadron) (No. KRS 0000438246) located in Puck - focused workforce pilots managed by president Mieczyslaw Celejewski the honorary title "Commander" - in the hope of restoring historic military unit. (The original documents and photos MDLot Puck)
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